Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walkin' after Midnight.

I went back to LA to work on Sneaker Pimps. 
I had a couple of extra days to chill.  Thank you Dave and Dimitri...

I made Meech a Pimp Cup, it goes with his 'Porn Stash'


Stefan Janoski had a sneaker release party at the Edison Downtown.
Thanks to Reda and Daren, I got to attend.
God Dammit Chris Casey!
3 days after this photo was taken I hung out with Anthony in Houston.  He didn't remember seeing me 'that' night.  Yeah, go figure!
That flower was in my hair and ended up in his drink. 

I guess the waiter got tired of bringing us hors d'oeuvres. 

Almighty Boosh!

Free Absinthe for all.

Upside Down Clown!


Pinstripe B.O.B.
"13 is an unlucky number. If 13’s unlucky, then so should the letter B be, cuz B looks like a scrunched-together 13. ‘Hello, what is your name?’ ‘Bob.’ ‘Get the hell away!"
-Mitch Hedburg

BA and HK

My favorite Reda, yo if you ever run into him ask him about Dingoes.

Ladies Love Andi Henri.


The very next day Mike and I held a BBQ.
Despite having a shoe release party held on your behalf, Stefan held it down at the Q.


More Ladies.

More gents. And Lady.

My Lady, Megan!
Hey, if I didn't get to see you in LA.  I'll see you next time...